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Odin download for ROM Flashing any Samsung Android Smartphone or Tablet Device

Odin is the best freeware for flash Samsung Android smartphones. Odin 3.12.3 is the latest Odin download version at the moment. You can flash almost all Samsung devices including Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, note and etc. You don't need to have an expertise knowledge to use Samsung Odin, But we recommend to go through all sections including Odin video tutorial, Odin download device preparation, Odin flash guide and TOS before start Odin download. Odin is widely use for install custom firmware, but it also has Android rooting capability and many other uses. You can follow our guidance and download Odin latest tools to flash your Android devices.

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You can use Odin android tool by connecting your phone to your PC via USB cable. Then you have to turn off your android device at least 30 seconds. After that, you must set the device to the "download mode". To do that turn ON the device and don't forget to hold the home button, volume down key and power ON button together. As the second step of using Samsung Odin. Go to Odin download folder of your PC and open Odin. After that tic on check box, "Auto Reboot" and click PIT and select the associate file for ROM flashing. Finally, select PAD and TAR for the ROM file.

We have included the Samsung USB driver on the website. You will be able to latest download Samsung USB driver with Odin download tools. If you have any question, you can reach us at our customer support email which mentioned below.

Latest Odin Download

Odin Download Odin Download

Benefits of Odin Download

  • Flash Custom ROMs of almost all the Android devices
  • Flash Recovery
  • Flash Root Packages
  • Flash Kernels and Stock ROMs

Important Things to do Before Odin Download

There are few important things you must care about before proceed with Odin Download. Otherwise you'll have to worry later.

- Have a complete backup of your device always

- Download Odin latest version available at the moment

- Have updated Samsung USB drivers

- Download ADB Fastboot from our website

- Have a proper USB cable to connect the device

- Desktop PC with Windows to run Odin

- Download and Install all resources of Samsung Odin mentioned above

Odin 3.10.6 - Odin 3.12.3 Screenshots

odin 3.10.6 Odin 3.12.3 Download

Odin Download Change-logs 3.10.6

Odin 3.10.6 comes with Android Root utility which supports for rooting Samsung devices easily. The new version also has several bug fixes and enhancements. By the way, Android developers say that the most stable version is Odin 3.9 so far. But we always recommend to use the latest available version. Latest Samsung Odin download version is the Odin 3.12.3 version. It is available to download at our "Odin download" section.

How to Flash Android Device After Odin Download

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We do not hold any copyright or ownership of Odin. XDA Forum is the official developer and distributor of ODIN. Installing custom roms may terminate your warranty sometimes. Please be aware about the warranty statement before flash with ODIN if your Android device is still under warranty period. misuse or mishandle of Odin caused for damage or data loss which is beyond our control and responsibility. Please let us know your suggestions and complains to [email protected] if any.

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